Monday, February 11, 2013

It's time to introduce...


This time we will introduce ourselves. We decided to choose three words that best describe us and with these words we will tell you a little more about ourselves. Not that exciting or anything, but at least we have some nice pictures! ^^

So, let's get started!


Yiko: Hmm... Three words that describe me best... Well, I think the first word is 'positivity'. I've always been a positive person. If something breaks down, it can be repaired. If something does not work, maybe it works the next time. If someone is mean, he is just having a bad day. Or so I think! I like to smile and laugh all the time (unless it is inappropriate. Or maybe just then! ) Of course it doesn't mean that I can't get mad sometimes and I'm also very critical of my own work.

Perona (One Piece) by Yiko
Picture by Miika Ojamo

The second word is 'creativity'. My hobbies (such as cosplay and writing) require a lot of creativity. I've always been able to use imagination in every situation. Creativity and imagination are the greatest gifts that I have got when I was born! Yeah!

Veeery old Thomas (The Orphanage)
cosplay by Yiko

The last word is a 'nerd'! I am a true nerd and so proud of it! My bookshelf is full of great fantasy books from authors like Tolkien, Martin, Lewis and Le Guin. My shelves are full of soundtracks and on my table is a huge stack of movies. If only I had the time, I would play Skyrim all the time. When the TV is showing GOT or TBBT, I scream like a little girl. I like studying and I just love anime and manga. I am a nerd in many different ways! And I love it :)


Ricky: A really important thing to me is how do I look. I usually don't go anywhere without make up. I wear emo style clothes and make up and my hair fits with that style too. So the first word to describe me would be 'emo'. I have few piercings on my face. I like emo style because its all I wanna be: good looking and different :D I also like so called 'emo music', usually screamo bands.

The second word is the aforesaid 'music'. It is really important to me cause I get my inspiration to all kind of arts I create from music. And I listen to music all the time! While doing make up or hair, eating, reading, writing, hooping… all the time! I already said what kind of music I listen to, but I could mention for example Chelsea Grin and Asking Alexandria.

The third word is one of the things that connects me and Yiko and it's 'creativity'. I think I have a pretty good imagination, sometimes maybe too wild! :D I use this talent especially for writing, photographing and drawing.

QB: Ricky, Madoka: Yiko
Pictures by: Emilia Lahtinen

See u next time! 
- Ricky & Yiko

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hello guys!

Welcome to our blog!

 We are two girls from Finland and this is our brand new blog where we are going to write all kind of things between cosplay, hula hooping, and epicness!

In the future you will find here tutorials about our costumes and make ups and some random posts about our adventures :)

Next time we will tell you some facts about us!

~ Yiko & Ricky